From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Jerry,

> When I try to import obj file I created in MOI, Sculptris
> says "Failed to import, has faces with more than four corners"

I don't think that Sculptris is able to import just any kind of geometry - it doesn't like it when there are a lot of edges radiating out from a single point.

So you may not always be able to use it to modify things that you build in MoI, Sculptris is kind of more oriented towards importing or starting with pretty simple base shapes as the initial starting point for sculpting.

Also it's not really set up to handle things with a lot of sharp edges in them either.

But the particular error that you ran into in this case may be due to n-gon polygons in the file, try switching to "Output: Triangles only" when exporting from MoI:

That may help you for this particular case, but as I mentioned above you probably should not expect to use Sculptris as a way to modify just any MoI object in general, it will probably only work if you have a pretty simple and smooth shape.

You can make really complex things within Sculptris, it's just that it does not like to import any kind of shape as the starting point.

- Michael