tesselation question, special imnporter plugin to cinema4d

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi stefan,

> the rhino files comes in very nice and clean from all our
> models and testers, so we are quite happy with the rhino
> mesh export.

Are you only working with very simple models or something?

Rhino has a tendency to create quite messy meshes, there are a lot of people who use MoI only for the purpose of getting a higher quality and cleaner mesh (including using n-gons) than what Rhino is able to produce.

Problems with Rhino's mesher are pretty well known, and are discussed frequently in the Rhino newsgroup.

Here are a couple of comparisons in meshing between Rhino and MoI from some other people:


There you can see some direct side-by-side comparisons between the meshing, and it is so easy to see how messy Rhino's output is, and what a nice benefit it can be to the wireframe appearance to generate n-gons rather than a whole bunch of triangles.

Cinema4D has good support for n-gons so it is kind of a shame to not make use of it...

- Michael