tesselation question, special imnporter plugin to cinema4d

 From:  lllab
thanks for the answers, i know the obj export is working good in MOI,and i own reptide pro,
still this has no automatic file export capability, as we have it in our plugin, and some other drawbacks from the way it is structured in c4d.
the plugin makes our live a lot easier for the rhino-c4d connection. and i would have loved the same workflow for moi.

in the end it is all about workflow. the rhino files comes in very nice and clean from all our models and testers, so we are quite happy with the rhino mesh export. it is true that there are this limits you explain in rhino, but we seldom had a problem with that or miss those features.

anyway, as moi users i miss the ability to mesh an object without the need to export it.
so i place here an wish, maybe sometime there will be a tessellate command inside MOI:-)