tesselation question, special imnporter plugin to cinema4d

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi stefan, so I guess the problem for MoI users is that storing the mesh data into a 3DM file will actually degrade the data - you won't have support for things like welded points and n-gons which MoI users are currently able to make use of when exporting to OBJ format. Those are not just fringe features either, they are used quite frequently.

3DM is just not a particularly good format for storing mesh data...

Why not use OBJ format for your importer instead? OBJ is just fundamentally a more flexible format for storing meshes.

Just because Riptide does OBJ format does not mean that you cannot use OBJ format as well, and you can then add in whatever automated export or structural type mechanisms that you wish, without being forced to also degrade the mesh geometry.

> so i place here an wish, maybe sometime there will be a
> tessellate command inside MOI:-)

The thing is, in the future when I would have a command for that, it could be better to have it focused on producing a full fidelity mesh inside of MoI and not necessarily one that was Rhino compatible because of all the limitations in Rhino's mesh structure that I wrote about previously. I guess maybe there could be some kind of option to generate a more limited Rhino compatible mesh instead possibly.

- Michael