V2 Final in Q1, HLR?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi OSTexo, it is hard to give exact dates...

I'm on the verge of releasing the last v2 beta where the software part of v2 should be complete.

Then I have to update documentation before the final v2 release will be ready. It is hard to schedule that exactly but I hope it won't take too long.

> In addition do you think hidden line removal will make it into V3?

It's too early yet to make any promises for what will be in v3 or not.

But hidden line removal is definitely on my radar for v3 and I have been thinking about some ideas for making it work.

I won't know for sure if the ideas will work or not until I have a chance to try them. It's always possible that something could end up being more difficult than initially anticipated, so that's why I cannot really give you a complete promise for what will be in v3.

- Michael