MoI as "the Visio of 3D?" Rendering advice please

 From:  BurrMan
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Hi Dan,
It is the new lighting and Styles in MoI. I think it can be very appealing.

I didnt really make a plan. Just kindof hacked it out, but V2 has many advantages over the V1. It really isnt a beta. If you own the V1, you should be using V2.

Here's the file.

Not sure what you can see from this file though your welcome to use it. The features that made it so quick are in the new version. I basically did this with drag and drop snapping. I should have probably used the array tool to make it quick, but then I would have had to think.

There are some new array tools in the V2 that would allow me to do things more complex and just as fast. I could use the import part feature and make one molecule, then import 40 or 50 in about 2 minutes ( as fast as I could keyboard-click, keyboard-click.


Talk later

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