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Hi Candide,

I got your PM back at start of December last year & tried to reply, but obviously you've not set your Private Message Options to "receive".
Been waiting for you to post again so I could reply.

Here's the basics of that PM from December.

Hi Candide,

The basic process of turning a wax model into a metal version is called "Lost Wax Casting".
Here's some links for you.

Obviously the limit to details will be mostly dependent on what the finished model size is to be...
...typically for a milled wax this will be dependent on the finest Cutter used & the actual mill's mechanical resolution...0.025mm on average.

Your best option would be to do a Google Search for a Jeweller offering CAD/CAM within your area.
This way you can physically see what their work quality is like with regards to models they've produced & if they're going to be helpful with explaining what's needed from you with regards the model.
Thicknesses, the depth of model sections & surfaces will all play a crucial part in how well your "virtual model" will transform into a "real model"
You maybe required to supply them with either the 3DM file or the STL file...typically for milling purposes, just an STL file is used & needed.

Hope all of this info is of help.

regards Colin

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