BunkSpeed emerges

 From:  DannyT (DANTAS)
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Funny that Burr, seems to be some conflicting statements, what does this mean?

We are dedicated to taking care of our loyal customers who have supported us and our technology over the years. Every single owner of HyperShot will get our new generation of software to be announced soon, absolutely free. Any of you who pre-paid for upgrade to what was to be HyperShot 2010, will get our new product and also will have a choice of getting our innovative animation tool HyperMove or a full refund. Any customers who purchased our HyperShot Pro and purchased maintenance, we will extend the maintenance contract for additional year no charge. If you have HyperShot, your working software will not be affected in any way and our new generation will be compatible with your existing HyperShot files.

Philip K. Lunn
Bunkspeed Founder/CEO