BunkSpeed emerges

 From:  Ralf-S
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Have you read and understood my post?

>>>Hi Burr,

>>>We have some HyperShot Pro and HyperMove Pro licenses...
>>>The existing (Hyper)Shot UI is awesome, and I want no colored & shiny buttons.

>>>The iray®...technology -> was developed, among others -> ...Wann Jensen ;-)

>>>Please take a look:

>>>But let's see what will bring the future, hopefully not only advertising and striking sayings:
>>>"Blow the competition out of the water ....Comming soon..."

>>>Worldwide customers want facts and not U.S. advertising.

Here is the famous quote from Bunkspeed: Comming soon...

But here is the Moi3D forum, if you want we can
continue the discussion via PM.