OT :: CESTA: Prague On The Go

 From:  tyglik
Hi all American students,

Would you like to study abroad especially in Prague? There is opportunity to study at Charles University (Czech Republic) in Fall 2010 or Spring 2011.

The program is called CESTA: Prague On The Go
In Czech CESTA means 'path, way, journey, road or track...' but original meaning of abbreviation is Central European Studies, Transitions and Alternatives.

A new Charles University semester program for American undergraduates;
A small liberal arts program within a large university that shares its prestige, recourses and faculty;
A journey from the U.S. to Europe, and from general education courses at home to individual integrative projects abroad;
A home away from home where you can share dinners with your professors

For more information see: http://cesta.ujop.cuni.cz


Susan & Petr