From:  DannyT (DANTAS)
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Hi Tony,

Yeah, your right, I was just thinking most of the new car ads in the magazines these days are 3d models, most likely the car probably wasn't even on the production line when the images for the ad were produced.

> But isn't what you are really saying is that 3D
> has reached the point where you can't tell the
> difference between a photo and a render.

To some point, more so to the untrained eye and the majority of people, who look at photographs as a whole not the details, most of the time there would be some small give away to say it is a render, be it angle of light, shadows, textures etc.

> But, photos don't really reflect reality either.

It is a capture of a real physical object or person before it is manipulated though, not made up of computer code.

> So you can't trust the photos either :-)