From:  DannyT (DANTAS)
Hi All,

Took this snapshot at work the other day for some technical info for our Apprentices on the effects of a correctly sharpened drill compared to a wrongly sharpened drill bit, this drill is sharpened correctly , not very exciting I know, but made me wonder, as time goes on I'm seeing a future where 3d modeling and rendering software will be so advanced and easy to use that we will not be able to distinguish what is real and what is a photograph we won't need cameras to record pictures for magazines, technical documentation and instructional manuals any more, only for personal memories of places we've been and people we've been with, if you see what the paparazzi make you think about a photograph of a star now, imagine the future when human rendering will be undistinguishable from the real thing.

Writing a visual instruction manual ? you don't need to hire the commercial photographer any more all is needed is a PC and some software, I'm thinking if the using photographs for evidence in the future would be still valid?

Anyway, I'm just glad that I've got into this 3D technology and know how it works and what it can produce, maybe it will give us the upper hand in recognising what is real or not.

Just some random thoughts.