From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Vincent, looks like a good result!

One note - if you have 2 profile curves arranged like so (one oriented towards the Top view and the other oriented from a side view):

Where at least one of them is closed, then it is actually possible to generate a surface directly from those curves by using Construct > Boolean > Isect.

Start by selecting one of the curves like this:

Then run the boolean intersection command, and select the other curve, then right-click or push the "Done" button and it will generate this surface result:

Then you can extrude or shell that surface to thicken it into a solid.

This way you can skip some steps, like you do not have to use a network surface if you have those 2 side profiles in place.

It's also the equivalent of extruding the curves into surfaces first and then using boolean intersection or trimming between the extruded pieces - the boolean commands have an automatic extrusion mechanism in them to do extrusions like that for you with less steps.

One other note with this method - it can be good to have the side profile kind of extended slightly so that it sticks out a bit to either side of the other closed profile.

- Michael