Window selection

 From:  Michael Gibson
329.6 In reply to 329.3 
Petr wrote:
> It's strange, but I have got accustomed very quickly that I needn't
> press the Shift or Ctrl key to adding/removing object from selection.

I was quite worried about this originally - it is one of the several big experimental areas that went into MoI.

But it gets addictive after a while, and of course it is a key thing for enabling keyboard-free operation.

Now when I go back to a legacy-style application where you have to hold shift, it bothers me. You don't really know how often you have to do it (along with little glances down at the keyboard kind of slightly breaking your rhythm) until you don't have to do it for a while... :)

Luckly it seems as if I have gotten away with all the experimental areas in MoI - so far at least! :)

- Michael