Window selection

 From:  Michael Gibson
329.5 In reply to 329.2 
> I am very often selecting elements which i don't intend to
> select.

Hi Jonah, the selection preview halos are meant to help with these problems.

For example when you move the mouse around, the curve that is currently being targeted for selection will get a yellow "halo" glow around it. Similarly if you are targeting an already selected curve to click on it for deselection, it will get a dark halo around it (as a preview that clicking it will turn it "dark" or unselected).

So if you watch for these graphic indicators, they should give you a preview of what will happen if you clicked right at that spot, which should help reduce errors.

> Or trying to deselect an edge which is behind the face, and then selecting the face by mistake.

In this case, you should be seeing no halo around the edge, and instead the face would light up, before you clicked. So wait until you see the dark halo around the edge before you click in this case and that should help solve this problem.

- Michael