Window selection

 From:  Michael Gibson
329.4 In reply to 329.1 
Hi Petr, yes this is a problem area. It's especially a problem when you are zoomed in very close to an object so that there are surfaces filling up the entire screen. This situation also causes another problem which is that it becomes difficult to click in an empty area to clear the selection which is frequently needed - but for this one there is a solution to use Select/Desel all. I had thought for a while about putting in a Select/Window button, which you could use to trigger an explicit window selection like you are asking about. But after thinking about it for a while it seemed just obscure enough that it didn't seem to deserve its own button. But maybe it should have its own button.... After all you don't frequently need Deselect all neither, just really for this one situation again.... But I worry a lot about adding buttons... ;)

The click and pause is a good idea, but I probably won't be able to experiment with that until V1 is finished.

A modifier key would be pretty easy to do, but I can't use alt since alt+left drag is currently an alternative way to do viewport rotation which is friendly for users of other 3d apps. Shift+drag is currently open, I could put it there... But it is not bad to have modifiers left open for future expansion though too.

I have some other thoughts for doing filtering for v2 - the basic plan was to have a Filter: dropdown within the select tab on the side pane. By default it would be "auto" which would be the drill-in selection as it currently works. But you could switch the filter mode to Solids, Faces, Edges, Curves, etc... This would then help you in some difficult selections since it would ignore all other object types and only target the specified type when you clicked. In addition you could select all of those types of objects by just doing a "Select all" with the appropriate filter active. This way it would serve 2 purposes - for clicking and for selecting all of a certain type.

- Michael