Window selection

 From:  Michael Gibson
329.20 In reply to 329.19 
> Not only all edges of that object, but also all other objects in the scene (ok?)

Yes - this is also consistent with window selection. If you have edges turned on for one object, and you window select it but also include other objects in the window selection, those other objects will also get selected.

> (Although, this spot might be "abused" by you sometime.)

I was thinking that clicking and dragging there would eventually allow you to resize the proportions of the split views...

It's a little hard to think about putting something useful at that spot, since it will be gone when you switch from the split view into a single view...

> I just have to translate the MoI's introductory documentation into my native language.

Cool! It's always good when others benefit from your self-imposed punishment!! :) :)

- Michael