Window selection

 From:  tyglik
329.19 In reply to 329.18 
>I don't think I mentioned it before, but select all also currently
>pays attention to the implicit drill-in filter.
>I mean if you have an object and you select an edge of it,
>then select all will select all edges of that object.

Not only all edges of that object, but also all other objects in the scene (ok?)

>I had been thinking about making right-click on any viewport's reset
>button doing a reset all - I've got that set up now for the next beta.

I will like it. (Although, this spot might be "abused" by you sometime.)


p.s.: I've inflicted a punishment on myself because of my impudence. I just have to translate the MoI's introductory documentation into my native language. So I say goodbye......