Window selection

 From:  Michael Gibson
329.18 In reply to 329.17 
> I start thinking about removing SelectAll, DeselectAll buttons completely! hmmm....
> These are very special-purpose buttons and none of other functions can be linked
> to them. Maybe they should be attached to the "click and pause menu" or to mouse
> gestures once mentioned.

Well, the select all can be pretty useful. The problem with the click+pause or mouse gesture is that is very hard for someone to discover it just by messing around with the software. So I would worry about hiding that one away.

I don't think I mentioned it before, but select all also currently pays attention to the implicit drill-in filter.

I mean if you have an object and you select an edge of it, then select all will select all edges of that object.

> The ResetAll button in the View tab is quite funny as well. It could be shifted to
> the middle of the screen where the viewport boundaries are crossed - in the
> shape of a small ball.

Hmmm.... Kind of a lump in the middle of the screen? I think I'd have a hard time making that look very nice. I had been thinking about making right-click on any viewport's reset button doing a reset all - I've got that set up now for the next beta.

> I have noticed that the buttons in the middle section of a command palette
> (Edit, View, Select) are quite colourful while the others aren't. Is there any
> reason for this?

Just a coincidence. The commands in the top and bottom sections happened to tend to be easier to represent with more geometric shapes and actual shaded 3d object examples. Those tend to be less colorful. Icons that have a more interpretive graphic stylized symbol are more colorful.

> p.s. I'm in a good mood so I hope you excuse me that I "kick against the pricks"..... hehe..

Certainly! Kick away! :)

- Michael