Window selection

 From:  tyglik
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Hi Michael,

>After all you don't frequently need Deselect all neither,
>just really for this one situation again....
>But I worry a lot about adding buttons... ;)

I start thinking about removing SelectAll, DeselectAll buttons completely! hmmm.... These are very special-purpose buttons and none of other functions can be linked to them. Maybe they should be attached to the "click and pause menu" or to mouse gestures once mentioned.
....perhaps, it's time, time to call an election and users should vote on "how frequently do you use the SelectAll, DeselectAll buttons"? hehe...

The ResetAll button in the View tab is quite funny as well. It could be shifted to the middle of the screen where the viewport boundaries are crossed - in the shape of a small ball.

>In addition you could select all of those types of
>objects by just doing a "Select all" with the
>appropriate filter active. This way it would serve 2
>purposes - for clicking and for selecting
>all of a certain type.

....for clicking, for selecting all of a certain type and for area (window) selecting as well, I guess. Perfect!

I have noticed that the buttons in the middle section of a command palette (Edit, View, Select) are quite colourful while the others aren't. Is there any reason for this?


p.s. I'm in a good mood so I hope you excuse me that I "kick against the pricks"..... hehe..