Window selection

 From:  tyglik

Hi Michael,

I sometimes get into difficulties when I want to make a window selection while the cursor is located over the surface or very near. It causes dragging the surface instead of expanding a window, logically. In Rhino, I can force a window selection by pressing the Alt key and dragging it, so that is a way how to start window selection over the object. For MoI, I was thinking about different mechanism (optionally with other selection method included).
If user would click and hold the left mouse button in the viewport (also over the object) and wait for a while, the menu (similar to 'cline' menu) was appeared. Then user could select one of menu items, e.g.

Powerfull win-selection
Select curve
Select surface
Select solid
Select duplicate
and so forth......

So user could start a window selection over the surface with choosing the powerfull win-seletion item. Another items would cause selecting all relevant objects and adding them to the current selection.

Of course, this is only a suggestion in accordance with saying "how to allow you to avoid being bored"..... hehe....