Metal casting using MOI

 From:  Lemo (LEMONNADO)
I posted a part in the Gallery. It's my first cast with the new setup.
Here are a couple of youtube vids showing the process.
In the first one the cast is done, the second one I extract the part from the mold.

The design was simple because I did not want to spend to much time on it.
In case of epic failure the head banging should be kept at a minimum.
Of course... it worked just fine haha.

A wax model was machined using my CNC and that was embedded in some fireproof plaster.
Then that plaster was heated to 1300F and the wax added to my carbon footprint.
When the metal was molten with the torch, that now empty mold was put behind the molten metal onto the carousel.
And wheeeeeeeeeeeeee it was pushed into the mold by centrifugal force.
There is quite some tension on that arm. When some ceramic part brakes, a few ounces of molten brass go flying all over the place.

Yes... I have a fire extinguisher 8).

Hope it's fun to watch.