Baviera Village + Perf complaint

 From:  PaQ

Well not really a complaint, because I enjoy MoI quite a lot in my everyday jobs.

When I start a new project, MoI let me model stuffs in light speed, however, when the model is starting to be a little bit more complex (And it happends really quickly.), my production
speed decrease a lot. So of course I try to manage it, dividing the scene and working on single parts in other MoI session etc ... but still.

I hope Michael will find some time in next version to speed the viewport a little bit. I was thinking maybe having an option to decrease the sexy curves quality.
(a bit like the 'add to details in inflections'). I know it's one of the MoI selling point, but I'll love to sacrifice some visual to speed up my screen feedback.

(Btw I know the 'hidden lines display' kill the perf too etc ...)


EDITED: 3 Dec 2015 by PAQ