Trouble in design 3d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi aris, welcome to the world of 3d design!

Probably the best first step would be to view the video tutorials which are available here:

None of those are for specifically building a computer, but if you follow those tutorials they will teach you the basic elements of how you create 3D models in MoI. To build computer parts you will use the same techniques, just with different shaped curves and different shaped components booleaned together.

There are also some additional tutorial available here:

Try several of those to get more familar with how MoI's tools work. The halogen lamp one is probably fairly close to something similar to a computer case.

If you get stuck on something and can't figure out how to make any progress, please post the 3DM model file of what you've got so far and try to explain what you are trying to do, and I will try to give you some suggestions.

- Michael