Buttons disappeared

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Sampsa, you can fix that by installing the MoI v1.1 update, which is available from the main web site download page here:

It's caused by a problem in Internet Explorer version 8. The missing buttons would have started happening in MoI v1 after you installed IE8 on your machine.

When you run the updater, it will patch your existing MoI 1.0 installation to version 1.1, and version 1.1 will work fine with IE8 installed.

> I have noticed that it has not asked licence key when
> installing though, so maybe there is still something left in
> the registry to cause this repeatedly.

Yes, starting in v2 the license key is also stored in the registry when you enter it, in order to help people who are running in a more restricted environment than usual, where no files are allowed to be written to the hard drive at all.

But there is nothing in the registry causing your problem - it's caused by a change in behavior in IE8. Updating to MoI v1.1 should solve the problem.

MoI barely places any information in the registry at all, just a backup of the license key when it is entered, and some stuff at install time for the Windows shell to associate 3DM files to MoI. That's one reason why it is possible to copy the install folder and your license key file to a USB key and then take it to a different computer and run it directly off of that key without even doing an "install".

- Michael