Working with scale drawings

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Ryan - well bitmaps by themselves are just a collection of colored dots and do not actually have a real world scale factor stored inside them.

So there is not any way for MoI to just automatically recognize what scale the blueprint image is supposed to be at, you need to control that by how you specify the size when you place it.

You may want to draw a rectangle using the regular Draw curve > Rectangle command and then snap on to it when placing the image, or in MoI v2 there is an "Align" helper tool available here:

That Align tool allows you to handle registration of an image by picking 2 points on the image, and then picking 2 corresponding points in the model to align the image to your model space at your intended scale.

For a demo of how that works see here:

That Align tool in v2 is probably the easiest way to control the scale of a background image.

- Michael