Working with scale drawings

 From:  The Mad Hatter (THE_MAD_HATTER)
A lot of what I'm working on at the moment is building 3D models from 2D plan drawings. In doing this, keeping the drawing to "scale" is important, as without that, you are loosing the exact scale factor.

When you import an image into MoI, it usually makes me select a starting point then it sort of expands the drawing as I move in a direction. This creates a problem for me as I'm in effect loosing my scale as I can't get the drawing to be exactly 100% of the size very easily? Now the good part of MoI is that you can easily rescale things once you've got them built, but in doing small models, there are some size constraints on parts, and I'd like to work in the end scale as much as possible. With that in mind, if I have a scale drawing of something, is there a way to import the image into MoI at it's true scale, ie without me having to select a starting point and then expand the drawing to the desired size?