Export obj -> into 3D Studio MAX

 From:  Michael Gibson
3259.7 In reply to 3259.6 
Hi project6, you can download the current v2 beta version from here:

That will then get you a working version for now that has FBX export in it.

Otherwise without FBX it is hard to get the best results, but if you must use OBJ set it to Output: Quads & Triangles instead of Output: N-gons to avoid the worst problems with bad triangulations that was causing holes to get covered up.

Also one other tip if you have to use OBJ - try using the "Divide larger than" option to dice polygons up into smaller more evenly sized pieces, that can help to reduce shading artifacts that happen when the good vertex normals do not go through.

But FBX is much, much better going into Max.

- Michael