Export obj -> into 3D Studio MAX

 From:  project6

I'm experiencing problems exporting/importing geometry from MoI to MAX 2009.

I'm creating a simple geometry; a chamfer-box, with a hole through it.

I export it as .obj, as ngons, and the geometry looks great.

I import it in MAX. The hole gets capped in MAX, with some really weird geometry added that is not shown in MoI.

I tried all settings in MAX obj import as well as MoI export (tried as triangles and polys, etc) and the result is never satisfying.

Do anyone have any suggestions to get this working?


Edit: If I export as triangles and quads, and tick the "weld vertices" options the geometry looks the same in MAX and MoI, but after a mesh smooth the geometry distorts in a weird way.

EDITED: 22 Jan 2010 by PROJECT6