From:  Michael Gibson
3258.4 In reply to 3258.1 
Hi eric,

> I would like to be able to highlight a line or a curve and know
> the length, a surface and know the area, or a solid and
> know the volume.
> In your spare time ... ver 4 or 5 maybe? :)

Yeah, I do want to have this. Hopefully for v3. It can potentially be time consuming to calculate areas and volumes though so it probably won't be something that will get calculated automatically with a single click like the bounding box (or line length or circle radius) that shows up automatically here:

Instead you'll probably need to go to either a larger "object properties" dialog to get it or maybe there will be a dedicated "Volume" command in an "Analysis" palette, I have not quite figured out which of those methods to actually use yet. But kind of leaning towards a dialog where it would be easier to potentially have a lot of information.

- Michael