Selection indicator

 From:  Michael Gibson
3254.15 In reply to 3254.14 
Hi Danny, re: selection dot size - well there are already similar sized things to click on already like the swatch. So it would not be unreasonable, but it would be a bit of a downgrade from the current larger click area.

But one other issue with the dot is that it would chop off some room for the text name.. If the selection indicator was more of a background thing it could possibly be behind the text or behind the eye like you were showing earlier and that doesn't shorten the area for the text label any..

There's not much room there for a lot of text already, so shortening it further may be pretty bad.

> also if it was the case, would it be click=highlight, click
> again=unhighlight or as it is now with selection from the
> browser where we use the ctrl key as the modifier for
> unselecting.

I was thinking it would work same as selection does now, with Ctrl for deselect. But what you are describing sounds pretty good, with left click toggling select on or off similar to the eye.

- Michael