default viewport setup, SAT file version

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Armin,

> Is there a way to launch Moi with just one viewport (3D)
> by default, instead of 4?

Yes, this is possible by using a template file.

Save off an empty 3DM file that has the 3D viewport maximized in it.

Then go to Options > General > Template file and specify that file there - that will cause MoI to read in that file at startup, and things like viewports and styles and starting objects too if you wish (anything that is stored on a per-file basis) will come from that file when you initially start MoI or when you use File > New.

> And I had another question - should have probably created another
> thread for this, please feel free to let me know, if that's the case.
> Which SAT version does MOI actually read/write?

The "SAT version" is not quite the same as some other kinds of file versioning stuff, it's a marker that writes which version of the ACIS library was used to write the file.

There is not necessarily an automatic difference between an SAT "v15" file versus an SAT "v5" file for example, they can contain the same kind of stuff if the most common entities (like NURBS surfaces, etc...) are used in them.

So what MoI can read from an SAT file is not tied to the SAT version number directly, it depends on what kind of actual entities are written to the file.

See this previous thread for some more answers:

- Michael