3DM File Standards

 From:  Michael Gibson
3212.2 In reply to 3212.1 
Hi Brian, there are actually some different revisions of the 3DM file format that correspond to Rhino versions.

MoI saves out as a v3 3DM file, while the current v4 version of Rhino saves out as a v4 3DM file by default.

> (Should an app capable of importing MoI 3DM (as say Carrara)
> have any problems with the Rhino one?)

It is possible that an app may target importing only a particular 3DM version, like maybe it can only load v3 (or earlier) 3DM files, possibly because at the time the importer was created those were the only kind of 3DM files that existed.

If that's the case then it would be possible for it to not be able to load the default 3DM file saved from Rhino v4, but there is also an option in Rhino to "Save As" to an older file format, so that could be used to solve the problem.

- Michael