From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Ryan,

> My main concern is that it distorts things evenly in all directions.

Yeah the regular Scale command scales evenly in all directions - when you go push the button you'll see there are some additional related commands "Scale 2D" and "Scale 1D" which have buttons pop up. You can run those other related commands if you want a non-uniform scaling type effect instead.

> I've worked with drawing programs that can be somewhat difficult
> to properly scale things, and I wasn't sure how hard it would be
> with the added complexities of 3D.

Yeah actually this part is not really that complex when it comes to 3D, and because MoI is a CAD program, it has a lot of focus on accurate control of things so for example you can type in your scale factor directly.

MoI tends to give you more specific numerical control over things than what you may find in a 2d illustration type program.

- Michael