From:  The Mad Hatter (THE_MAD_HATTER)
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Yes, because I'm using drawings and such that are in a particular modeling scale as a basis for my 3D objects, I want to be able to create the objects in the original scale but when complete transform the entire object into a new scale.

So my example was, lets say I have the line drawings from a model aircraft in 1/72 scale. I use those to create the aircraft in that exact scale, but when I'm done and want to 3D print the object I want it printed in 1/144 scale. So I scale the entire object down by 50% in all directions, which should in thoery take me from 1/72 scale to 1/144 scale. Hope that makes sense.

I will give it a try with some objects to see how it works.

My main concern is that it distorts things evenly in all directions. I've worked with drawing programs that can be somewhat difficult to properly scale things, and I wasn't sure how hard it would be with the added complexities of 3D.