From:  Michael Gibson
3211.2 In reply to 3211.1 
Hi Ryan, you mean you want to scale an object that you have already created?

You can do that with the Transform / Scale command - first select all the objects you want to transform, use Ctrl+A as a shortcut if you want to select everything.

Then go to the Transform palette, and click the Scale command.

The scale command will now prompt you to pick an origin point, type in 0 and then push Enter to specify 0,0,0 as the scale origin.

Then the next step in the Scale command is to either pick some reference points in the model to determine the change in size, or to just type in the scale factor directly. In your case, just type it in, so for instance type in 2 and then Enter to scale up to twice the original size.

Does that do what you need?

Try to keep your eye on the command prompt that is located in the upper-right area of the screen, it will guide you about what MoI is asking you to pick for the current step.

For more information on a particular command, check out the reference section of the help file which is available here:

So for instance the page for Transform > Scale is here:

- Michael