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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Ryan,

> Apparently my shape that I had highlighted in my drawing isn't
> solid inside?

Well, the way solids are defined is by a completely connected outside skin.

If you put the camera point inside of one it won't actually be literally filled with solid color inside of it, it just behaves that way as you cut it or work on it.

> When I went to extrude a shape onto it, I could then see inside
> the shape, leading me to believe that it is not a solid.

Well, those instructions that I posted about using Trim will temporarily break the solid into a non-solid, because Trim works by slicing the outer skin of the solid.

At the end of those steps you need to select the pieces and use the Join command to glue things back into a connected skin and then you will have a solid again after that.

So if you follow those steps it is actually normal that you will temporarily have a non-solid until the final join.

In v2 it is a lot easier to know if you are working on a solid or not because there is a new indicator that shows up in the upper-right corner of the screen that tells you what type of object is currently selected like is it a solid or a closed curve, etc...

- Michael