More Questions...

 From:  The Mad Hatter (THE_MAD_HATTER)
I'm starting to feel much more comfortable modeling in the 3D environment (I think this says great things about MoI since I'm only about 8 hours or so into learning how to model in 3D with zero experience beforehand).

I've now got two questions, and I've tried a few different ways thus far - both labor intensive and I'm sure there is probably a better way to do this.

I want to create recessed areas similiar to the windows on front of this ship.

Here's my object thus far, with the highlighted area where I'm trying to create recessed and or raised panels. What is the best method for trying to do this on a surface? I feel like I've complicated the matter a bit by also dealing with a rounded surface as well?

My second question, is there a good/simpler way to create panel lines like you'd see in an aircraft model? Right now I'm creating a number of different long rectangular shapes and using a boolean command to effectively cut out lines out of my shapes. The problem comes in when I'm starting to deal with rounded or non-flat type shapes like what I've highlighted in my drawing? Not to mention this is very labor intensive, and I might not be thinking of the best way to do this? The space ship above seems to do this along the wing and tail, I'm looking to achieve a similiar affect.

I'm attaching my 3d file as well, as this helped in my first post.