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 From:  The Mad Hatter (THE_MAD_HATTER)
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Thanks Michael.

I'm working under the demo version right now, as I'm so new to this I wanted to try a few programs before deciding to purchase something. So far, from the standpoint of someone completely new to 3D modeling, MoI is by far the easiest one of the packages I've messed with.

I've read on the forums that the various programs have different strenghts, and it really depends on what you're wanting to do. I'm looking to build small spaceship models for gaming, and seeing what some of the guys on here have been able to produce for similiar applications, I think MoI will work well. I still have to mess around with building panel lines into shapes and stuff as that's a critical piece of what I'm wanting to do, but it doesn't look to be to difficult with MoI.

I'll probably be spending the next few days messing with it some more and seeing what I can come up with. I'm hoping to be able to throw the couple hundred dollars your way for a full copy (MoI definately gets the most bang for the buck award).

Let me know what you'd recommend after looking at my file.

Thanks again Michael.