New User Question

 From:  Michael Gibson
3207.2 In reply to 3207.1 
Hi Mad Hatter, welcome to MoI!

> My first real question is, I'm drawing a shape, then using the
> rail resolve to create the 3D element.

Could you please post the 3DM file with your shapes in it as an attachment so I could examine your actual model?

It's very difficult to figure out what could be going wrong with only a typed-in text description rather than being able to examine the actual shapes.

> One, it doesn't seem to be putting what I believe to be
> end caps on the object as it is rotated.

There are some requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to get endcaps - stuff like the opening needs to be planar, and the rail curve needs to be closed.

Maybe your rail curve is not closed, if you could post it that would be one of the things that I would check.

> I found out everything seems to be hollow as I start to cut
> other shapes out of it and there's no "filling" inside and
> everything is just thin walls?

Yeah that's the kind of thing that will happen if you are working with open surfaces rather than closed solids.

It tends to be easier to work with solids instead because then when you do booleans on the solid the results will be solid pieces as well.

> Also, is there a user manual for MOI anywhere, I heard
> Michael was working on one, but couldn't find anything
> other than the PDF basics document?

Well, I'll be working soon on an updated one for v2 but there is a user manual for v1 already - just push the Help button to see it, or also it is available online here:

The PDF is the same user manual (minus the video tutorials) but arranged into one single document if you want to print it out.

- Michael