From:  Michael Gibson
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H eric, there's not currently any book or even any real documentation that specifically targets MoI scripting.

So it is still rather early in the game so to speak to try to jump into this area without some more background in scripting already.

So I guess a first step would be to learn and practice just the script language itself some to become familiar with it.

The script language MoI uses is called JavaScript, and it is also the main script language that is used on the web to add script logic to web pages. Because of that there are quite a few tutorials out there on it.

One of the main books about the JavaScript programming language is the Rhino book (no relation to Rhino3D!):

What kind of stuff would you like to accomplish with scripting? Maybe if you could give me some examples of what you would like to do I could make some better suggestions or give some more focused tips.

- Michael