One more quick NOOB question...

 From:  Michael Gibson
3202.7 In reply to 3202.6 
Hi John, I'm glad that you are making good progress with MoI and enjoying it!

> After some other activities, the econtrol points only
> affect the curve, not the resultant feature solid. Can you
> tell me what specific actions lock the solid and dissasociate
> the modeling curve from resulting solid

The "history chain" will get broken with any operation that involves removing the object and replacing it with a new version. Most of the time this will mean operations that cut the object like booleans or trimming.

In the future I do want to improve this and make a deeper history.

For now you will mostly want to do adjustments soon after you have created a surface, before you start to apply booleans and such to it.

> Except for one: why is the file menu om the bottom
> rather than the windows standard? I'm sure you have
> a reason.

Well, one reason initially was to make the UI more friendly to tablet users. The "rest position" for a tablet will tend to be more at the bottom of the tablet (corresponding to the bottom of the screen) rather than at the top of the tablet. So having the UI along the bottom gives easier access in that case.

But also aside from that, it's a nice feeling having the top clear of UI, it allows for a more open feeling of the whole app, kind of primarily showcasing your 3D model content rather than having a window title and menu bar as the first thing you see at the top.

- Michael