latest moi freezing ish, having to force quit

 From:  Michael Gibson
3200.2 In reply to 3200.1 
Hi Dave, that really sounds like a video driver problem.

Try going to the web page of your video card vendor and install their latest drivers. If that does not help, try installing a driver from 6 months or so back instead.

But generally scrambling of viewports means something is really going wrong with the video card. There have not really been any changes in what MoI sends to your video card in any recent beta releases, the last major change in this area was in the Aug-8 beta release with the lighting engine update.

Also that kind of a random scrambling of a 3D viewport could possibly indicate an overheating issue - have you recently pushed your laptop back a ways on your desk or something where there is not much space behind it for its fan to blow out into? Also check to see if it has gotten choked up with a bunch of dust that needs to be vacuumed out.

Those are my best ideas from your description - let me know if you can see any kind of pattern to the freezing like if it always happens after you have used one particular command or something like that.

But I'd definitely recommend updating to the newest version of your video driver direct from the manufacturer's web site (rather than through Windows Update which can have more of a lag) as a good starting point.

- Michael