Is or will there be a API or scripting for MOI?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Paul!

One note - only the _beta_ release of MoI is free, once the beta is complete the actual 1.0 version will not be free anymore.

So MoI does not meet your criteria for that, sorry for the confusion.

However it will be pretty inexpensive as far as CAD programs go.

> Is or will there be a API or scripting for MOI? Command line?

MoI has an internal API that is heavily based on scripting - you can see the scripts for every command inside the \commands sub-folder within MoI's main folder under Program Files.

Unfortunately I don't expect to have enough time to document this API anytime very soon. There is still a lot of work to do on documenting and finishing up the core MoI program, so exposing and supporting the API just isn't a priority at this point in time. It will probably be a low priority for a while yet, I think it may not be until version 3.0 that this becomes a major area of focus.

However having said that, it certainly is possible to do some scripting right now. There is no command line in MoI, the main way to enable scripts right now is to set them up as keyboard shortcuts, here are some details and some small script examples for that:

- Michael