Problems with Augenblick

 From:  Michael Gibson
3184.2 In reply to 3184.1 
Hi Rudl, it probably will only attempt to read in surfaces or solids from a NURBS file and not just wireframe curves.

So that's one thing to make sure of - that you don't just have a model created with curves only, you have to have created surface and solid objects before a rendering program will generally be able to use your data.

Also I believe that Augenblick is currently in what is called "alpha" release, which means it is in a very early stage in development and still has a lot of stuff that is being worked on.

So it is certainly possible that the problem you are seeing is something that they need to tune up in Augenblick.

The Augenblick discussion forum is here: and there is a bug Report section, you might try posting your problem 3DM file to there and see what they say.

- Michael