modeling issue

 From:  Oskar_L
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Hurrah! Bravo! Splendid!


Unfortunatly there is no sub-D modellerer with such a devoted developer. So I guess I do all my work in Moi from now on. Maybe you should consider offering some lectures about customer support to autodesk.

But seriously, I would never consider character modelling in Moi, when it comes to product design subD's doesn't really seem to be an option. Even with a modeller like Modo you are far from nurbs precision.

Anyway I made a test scene and got it to work. My geometry wasn't as clean as yours. This was caused by the square profile at the bottom of my tube. But with an extra vertical trim I was able to make it work. And I really liked that perp/perp snap.

Finally I have a question about booleans. Sometimes I have to use the union command twice to really union two object. First attempt only cuts them. What is causing this? When I united the tube and the cube this happened. I attach my test file.

Thank you and God Jul! (Merry christmas in swedish)