modeling issue

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Oskar, tomorrow I'll try to give you some more tips.

But it looks like your cube part is more of a separate distinct module and not really behaving so much as if it was just a continuation of the other base part. So the way I wrote previously is probably not what you would do for your case here.

The more difficulty you have in describing your shape by 2D plan curves, can also tend to mean that you may be better off doing it in Sub-d rather than NURBS actually - NURBS are the strongest when you can leverage 2D profile curve patterns to the design and utilize those 2D curves directly.

The more melty looking and less defined by plan views your shape is, then the more advanced and difficult kinds of NURBS modeling techniques you tend to have to use. You are probably getting more into that area in this case.

So you're kind of jumping into the deep end right off the bat here...

Are the shoulder parts supposed to be actual spheres?

I'll take a closer look tomorrow but it looks like I would build some pieces of spheres or revolves for the shoulder part, with an extrusion connecting between them, then either Loft or Sweep for the main body and probably leave some space between the end of the main body and the shoulder and put in blends to fill that in. Something like that anyway. The problem with working on a patch-by-patch basis like that is it tends to be difficult to get the patches to be perfectly smooth to one another - MoI does not actually have a full set of tools for ensuring that yet (like it does not have a Match tool yet for altering an existing surface to become smooth to its neighbor, you have to try to use fillet or blend instead), so I'm not really sure if it would really be the right tool for the job really.

- Michael