Resetting styles in objects

 From:  Michael Gibson
3178.2 In reply to 3178.1 
Hi Mark,

> If you have a style set in an object, how do you reset
> it back to the default style?

Just the same way as you assigned the other style to it - "Default" is a style just like "Red" or "Green" is a style, it is in that same list of styles to pick.

So say for example you have set an object to be Style = Red. To set it back to Style = Default, move your mouse to the style line of the Properties Panel here:

Then click down and the style picker will pop up with a list of styles, normally "Default" is the first one in the list here:

If you click on it then you will have set that object to Style = Default.

An alternate way if you have the scene browser open is to select the object and click on the little swatch (the little colored square) for the Default style entry in the styles section here:

That can be a convenient way to do it if you keep the scene browser open while you work for hiding/showing different categories easily.

If Default is not showing on either of those places, then it means you must have edited the style list and removed it, you'll want to go to Edit Styles and add back in a Style named "Default" if that is the case.

- Michael