From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Leonard,

The idea I was positing was to prioritize snap sensitivity so that the end points and mid point might be more sensitive than the hot points between the mid and ends. It seems every little "x", which at times there are many of them, has equal snap sensitivity. Reading your thoughts here, "That's not only impossible but it's a silly idea." ;-) BTW, having the "End" word pop up *is* terrific!

Yeah currently each of the little "x" points have equal weight and it is purely the one that is closest to your mouse that is targeted.

There some is priority in a different area though for the "on" or "onsrf" snaps - those only kick in if one of the "snaps based on one specific x,y,z point" was not targeted.

In the future I could maybe try to experiment with some different kind of weights for particular types (maybe just End and Cen with higher weight), but it is a sensitive area to mess with so definitely it is not the right time to mess around with that now right near the end of v2 development.

Thinking about it some seems like it could have a bad effect of essentially just totally disabling other snaps if they happened to be nearby an end point. That could be frustrating if you were actually wanting one of the other snaps than end and could no longer get it unless you zoomed way, way way in... That's probably the potential bad side effect.

The current way where just the closest point to your mouse taken is kind of more simple and sometimes there is less that can be messed up with side effects with a simple mechanism.

Right now your best bet is to pay close attention to the labels shown on those little tags - make sure you read them and verify the snap is actually the one you are looking for.

Or if you want you can disable certain kinds of snaps like turn off perp, and only leave end enabled, to do that use the little menu that pops up above the Object Snap button when you move your mouse over it. That's a way you can just completely disable some particular types of snaps if you don't want to have them pop up.

- Michael