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Hi Michael,

I learned quite a lot from your tut. Fillets instead of boole - it makes so much sense.

You are right about zooming. It is a matter of developing app-tailored workflow habits. No big deal.

A little more of what I was saying: I was not close in or far out but was able to draw two short "Perp" lines between corner points in one view, change to a second view and draw two more lines vs. zooming in four views to draw each of the four lines. Like the way you have developed the efficient-centric Moi the thinking here is, "It's the workflow, baby!" :-)

Anyway, the end of one short line found a hot spot *close* to the corner point end. I had to zoom way in to find it and reset that end point. I zoomed way, way, way in on another troubled short vertical line and never did see the missed connection. As a precaution, I took and reset both ends and that corrected that line.

The idea I was positing was to prioritize snap sensitivity so that the end points and mid point might be more sensitive than the hot points between the mid and ends. It seems every little "x", which at times there are many of them, has equal snap sensitivity. Reading your thoughts here, "That's not only impossible but it's a silly idea." ;-) BTW, having the "End" word pop up *is* terrific!

Coming from polygon modeling, I have adjusted quite a bit to Moi3D. As I learn more of the tools, tips and tricks, the adjustment will develop, too. With all this in mind, this chaise project has become my Moi learning project.